Our Karate Story

What is Ronin Karate?
Why training whit us when there are so many martial art schools out there? Let us share with you why.

- PAY LESS GET THE MOST Secure your place and be inspired, train in internationally most successful Australian karate club  for 2020,2019,2018 

Be trained by two World certified coaches,
We practice what we teach proved by results:
Ronin MaMiSde Karate ;

Ronin means elite samurai who lost his master, superb warrior faithfull to only one teacher who will accept no other master. 

MaMisDe means new eternal beauty has been shown

MAMISDe=Martial Art Mixed International Self DEfence.  Ronin Mamisde Karate Perth is established in September 2017 by Zlatko ( 6 th Dan Shito Ryu )and Eli Dimoski ( 4 th Dan Shotokan) , both hold WKF-World Karate Federation  certificates as a coaches in kata and kumite as well and both current Australian WKF judges , whith more than 40 years experiences in karate as competitors and National team members.  They have  participated in many World and European Championships) ,as well as participating as a National coaches and World and European judges. They  have been officiating at all World Championships since 1992, such are :  World Championship in Granada Spain… Madrid 2018, Lintz 2016, Jakarta 2015, Bremen 2014, Guadalajara 2013, Paris 2012 , Melaka 2011 Belgrade 2010, Rabat 2009, Tokyo 2008, Istanbul 2007, Tampere 2006, limassol 2005..European Championships since Birmingham 1995..Montpelier 2016, Istanbul 2015, Budapest 2013, Tampere 2014, Talin 2012, Zurich 2011, Zagreb 2010, Limassol U21 2016, Lissabon U21 2014, Paris Juniors 2009, Bratislava 2007, Trieste 2008…etc. and many Karate 1 Premier Leagues Milan 2010, Istanbul 2015 and 2016, Salzburge 2013 and 2016 , Paris 2015, ..etc
The first Ronin Karate Club was opened in Macedonia in 1997 and quickly  become one of the best and most successful karate clubs in Macedonia.
Led by two elite karate competitors and later , certified World Karate Federation instructors and WKF Judges, Ronin has developed many National team members who have successfuly won many medals at World and European Championships for Macedonia karate as well. Ronin students have won many medals from Karate 1 Premier Leagues ( one gold, three silvers and five bronzes) as well as Bronze in 2007 at World Championship Istanbul and first and still only silver medal ever for Macedonia karate  from World Championships Jakarta 2015. Ronin students have won one gold, three silvers and eight bronzes from World Cups, 21 titlles Balkan Champions, Mediterranean medals..etc.

“..In the past in Okinawa and Japan, karate sensei (masters) carefully had to choose their students , today the students have an opportunity carefully to choose their instructors..”

Nowadays, there are a lot of karate and martial arts schools out there, some of them are good, some of them are not so good, some of them have results at State Level and few at National level. Our school students have attained the  highest international results, recognized by W.K.F.

Train with us because we are committed, passionate and different. With us, you no longer need to go overseas to attend expensive karate seminars,  we are here in Australia, in Perth. At our school you get the best training in friendly environment, step by step with in  established international trainers.Your previouse level of  karate knowledge is valuable for us , but does not matter if  you are beginner or advanced level we have different classes for kids, juniors and seniors to imrove your skills.Everyone is wellcome wheter you want to improve your skills to a  higher competitive level kumite and kata or if you want to learn new katas or improve the katas that you already know.  We are here to help you .We are here to teach you the advanced level . Come and train with World Vice Champions , be trained by already proven trainers in World. In our school we had thousands of students a lot of them have mot just  been  champions, but today they are successful people successful businessmen Artists Doctors Engineers Professors nad confident people. For success is not how long you have been training, but are you trained correctly? Ask your self  how have you trained? Who have you trained with?  At Ronin we e are different because not only because of our  results at World level, but because we live,love and breathe karate . With us you will discovere the benefit of karate as a new Olympic Sport and superior self defense martial art. We are different because we have been creating champions well known at World level. It is not easy to produce State or National champions but it is extremely difficult to create medalist from World and Continental Championships. We are different cause our students have won Australia's first  ever medals at Karate 1 Premier Leagues and World Under 21 Cups:


  • Bronze medal at K1 Premier League Dubai 2020,
  • Silver medal K1 Premier Leagues Series A Istanbul 2019 female  .              team ( Marijana, Mishela, Kirijana )
  • silver medal team K1 Premier League Salzburg 2019 female team ( Marijana,Kiriana,Mishela)
  • bronze medal team K1 Premier League Dubai 2019 ( Mishela,Marijana, Kiriana)
  • bronze medal K1 Series A Premier League Shanghai 2018 (Kiriana,Mishela,Marijana)
  • silver medal at World Cup Under 21 Umag, Croatia 2018 , ( Mishela Dimoska ),
  • bronze medal Marijana Dimoska World Cup 2017 Umag, Croatia 2017
  • We are different because our high level achievements speaks about level of our athletes, there are no other karate club in Australia with results like we have had in the past and now , such are:
  • silver medal at World championship Jakarta, Indonesia 2015
  • bronze medal at World Championship Istanbul, Turkey 2007
  • 5 th place at World Championship Guadalajara, Spain 2013
  • silver medal at World Universities Championship Bar , Monte Negro 2014
  • bronze medal and 5 th at World Cup Umag 2015
  • silver medal at World Cup Under 21 Umag, Croatia 2018
  • bronze medal World Cup 2017 Umag, Croatia 2017
  • gold and silver at World Cup cadets Corfu Greece 2013
  • silver and bronze at World Cup cadets Salzburge 2013
  • tree bronzes at European Championships Lisbon, Portugal2014 Limassol Cyprus 2016
  • 5 th place at European senior Championship Istanbul, Turkey 2015 
  • silver at K1 series A Premier League Shanghai 2018
  • silver at K1 Premier league Istanbul 2016
  • bronze at karate 1 Premier league Salzburg, Austria 2016
  • gold at K1 Premier league Istanbul 2015 
  • bronze at K1 Premier league Istanbul 2014
  • bronze at K1 Premier league Istanbul 2013
  • gold and silver at Oceania Under 21 Championship Auckland 2018
  • two bronze senior Oceania Championship Auckland 2018
  • 5 th place at European Senior Championship Tampere 2013
  • 5 th place at European Senior Championship Budapest 2014
  • 21 gold medals and hundreds silver and bronze medals in seniors, U21, juniors and cadets between 2010 and 2018 at Balkan Championships ( Croatia, Serbia, Cyprus, Albania, Turkey, Slovenia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo) ,
  • two golds and bronze seniors AUS National, Tasmania 2019
  • gold Under 21 AUS National Tasmania 2019
  • gold and silver U21 Australia Open 2018
  • gold and silver seniors Australia Open 2018
  • Australia National senior gold and silver Caloundra 2018
  • Australia National U21 gold and silver Caloundra 2018
  • Australia Open U21 gold and silver Sydney 2018
  • Australia Open senior gold and silver Sydney 2018
  • Australia National senior gold and silver Sydney 2017
  • Australia National U21 gold and silver Sydney2017
  • two gold one silver and bronze at Australia Open 2017 ..and many more

If you and your family have been traning the martial art of karate in fancy karate club, but are not satisfied with results, you are paying lots to get less?

Do you wonder about kids and adults with high rank belts, but no real results at International and National competitions?

When you are looking for a martial art school, the first rule is to ask who are the instructors are? It is not important to what degree their black belts are, but rather their quality of teaching and their internationaly recognized results. Are the students happy and improving? What results have been had at International level in official championships recgnized by World Karate Federation, the Australian Gouvernment and Interanational Olympic Cometee. Choose wisely. We do not just teach karate, we make happy people and champions in life. We have thought our own twin daughters, who are now World Vice Champions and World Cups schampions. We have been making champions for years, so allow to us to make your kids champions in life as well as we did with our kids.