Today karate as a sport has more than 40 millions of followers, and every continent has own karate federation under umbrella of WKF, such are European Karate Federation, Pan-American Karate Federation, Asian Karate Federation, African Karate Federation, Oceania Karate Federation . In karate as a sport there are female and male divisions, in each there are kata (form ) and kumite ( sport fight) competitions, individual and team category. WKF official age categories are : cadets 14-15, juniors 16-18, young seniors or juniors Under 21 , and seniors in kumite over 18 and in kata over 16.

At Olympic Games in Rio 2016 karate as a sport was accepted to Olympic family for first time after half century waiting period and will be in program at Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. One of the issues for why karate was not accepted in Olympic Games until now was their confusion with so many different styles associations and organization in every country. The public was confused with  so many styles  National, European, World Champions. For example in the same country they  held karate championships, many in Shotkan style, many in Shito ryu, many in Wado Ryu…tand the  same  on Continental level, for example there were many European Shito Karate Champions, European Champions in Goju karate , or Shotokan European and Shotokan World Champions …This was so confusing for every one . It would be  the same for example as having a  European Champion in the  Italian style of soccer and another European Champion in the German style of soccer, or a World soccer Champion in Brazilian style of soccer , etc , or World Champion in Cuban style of boxing vs another  World Champion in French style of boxing etc. There can only be one European or World champion in soccer , it doesn’t matter which style of soccer they are playing or representing , the soccer rules are same for all. In karate WKF created competition rules acceptable for all styles of karate , and there can be only one karate champion per category at National level, Continental level or  World level. It  doesn’t mater which style of karate he or she represented. In every country there are one federation for one particular sport recognized by Government and Olympic Committee. There is only one European Judo Federation or UEFA is the only one soccer World Federation , and WKF is World Karate Federation for all styles of karate recognized by IOC. All styles named as a World or Continental or styles National championships in particular karate style are not recognized by IOC. The IOC does not recognize all other styles named as a World, Continental or National championships , in particular karate style ( Shito, Wado, Uechi, Goju, Shotokan...) Only National, Continental, World championships were all styles of karate can participated as a members of WKF-Wolrd Karate Federation are recognized by IOC and Governments of each country .