In karate as a Martial Art there are levels of development for students. Those level are divided in 6 beginners levels -White belt ( beginner ) after three months you will get free uniform and white belt.

  • Yellow belt, or first student level or 5 th KYU To reach yellow belt, white belts must past grading ( examinations) for Yellow belt. They must learn and be confident in specific techniques , kata ( Pinan/Hean Sho-dan) and Geki Sai Dai Ichi.
  • Orange belt , or second student level or 4 th KYU For orange belt for all yellow belts requirements are : Demonstration of good level of different hands and legs techniques , kata Heian/Pinan Ni Dan , self defense techniques -
  • Green belt, or third student level or 3 th KYU For green belt all orange belts must demonstrate knowledge of certain techniques and Heian/Pinan San Dan kata and one other kata from those ( Wanshu, Basa Dai, Seienchin, Seipai), self defense techniques , and sport fighting (kumite -Ipon Shobu) 
  • Blue belt, or fourth student level or 2 th KYU For blue belt every candidat must have confidence and skilled level of demonstration of Heian/Pinan Jon Dan kata and one of the following katas (Wanshu, Basa Dai, Seienchin, Seipai, Haiku , Ni Papo, ) 
  • Brown belt, or fifth student level or 1 st KYU For brown belt every candidate must have confidence as a blue belt and skilled level of demonstration of certain techniques and kata Heian/Pinan Go Dan and two katas from the list (Haiku , Ni Papo, Unshu, Paiku, Goju Shiho ) Kumite sport fighting and self defence . 
  • Black belt , or first level of black belt Sho-Dan For black belt Sho-Dan or first master black belt level every candidate must have confidence as a brown belt and skilled level of demonstration of certain specific techniques and kata Kusokun Dai and three katas chosen from the list: (Unshu,Chatayanara Kushanku, Anan, Anan Dai, Papuren, Suparimpei, Tomari Basai, Matsumura Basai, Chobana Kushanku, Kururunfa, Haiku, Ni Papo, Paiku, Goju Shiho.. ) and Kumite sport fighting and self defense . 

For higher black belts levels ( Ni-Dan, San-Dan, Jon-Dan..), requirements will be additionally given and explained to candidates .

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